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juni 13 18:00 23:59

This group originally from Timbuktu was created in exile, in between Mauritanian and Burkinabe’ refugee camps in 1995. All its members are from the Timbuktu’s region, precisely the circle of Goundam. This group has one goal: singing exile, love, peace and the political condition of Tuareg people.

Tartit was created to safeguard Tuareg traditional music which was slowly disappearing. It is composed by female voices thanks to a female organisation Tartitn’Chetma (sister’s union). In Tuareg culture, pedagogy does not exist, everything is transmitted through life-sharing events and ceremonies.

Having undergone many changes due to economic and political problems, Tuareg people need to change their way of life and adapt to a certain level of sedentarisation.

Tartit contributes to enrich the multicultural tradition of Mali, our country.
The concerts of Tartit are then an invitation to travel to the magic desert. Inviting and almost hypnotic, this music leads you inevitably to the mystic universe of Kel Tamasheq (people speaking Tamasheq, the language of Tuareg).

The magic of representation is reinforced by the beauty of traditional dresses and authentic instruments.