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maj 11 22:00 23:59

Los Angeles-based producer and DJ, Al Lover, presents his latest venture ‘World Party’: a celebration of “Interplanetary grooves from around the globe” with a particular focus on funk, disco, boogie, psych, fusion and house. Through his exceptional curation, Lover creates a cohesive sound that unites different cultural styles from every continent, providing an unforgettable dance party experience that will leave the crowd wanting more.

With over a decade of experience curating promotional mixes for festivals such as Levitation, Desert Daze and NRMAL, plus multiple tours throughout the US and Europe supporting acts like W.I.T.C.H, Night Beats, The KVB, Kerala Dust, Christian Bland & The Revelators and more, Al Lover has honed his skills to perfection. He seamlessly traverses the fringes of music from every corner of the planet, weaving together universal grooves that both celebrate and transcend the diverse cultures that inspire him.

Whether he’s spinning vintage African disco or obscure Turkish psych re-edits, Al Lover’s finger is on the pulse of obscure world music, masterfully blending elements from the past and present to create a vibe that is uniquely his own. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the talent and dedication that has made Al Lover a prominent figure in the global psychedelic scene.